UK Living Streets Project Video

Take a gander at this Streetfilm documenting a very cool project from England that has a lot in common with what the Living Streets Campaign is starting to do in Los Angeles. The project has a great deal of local community input on how streets are designed, and comes up with great solutions for making things safer for walking and bicycling!

Their campaign is called “Do-It-Yourself Streets” and here’s what Streetfilms says about them:

Called “DIY Streets,” the program brings neighbors together to help them redesign their streets in a way that puts people, safety, and streetlife first. So far, individual streets have benefited from DIY redesigns in 11 communities in England and Wales. Recently Streetfilms got a walk through of one successful DIY project — on Clapton Terrace in London. With the people who made it happen as our guides, we saw how planners and neighbors collaborated to transform a place where speeding used to rule into a local street with calm traffic and safe space to socialize.

For more information on their project and other great stuff from the same peoples, check out the SusTrans website. Thanks to the great folks at Streetfilms for covering this – they’re an invaluable source for excellent coverage of all kinds of Living Streets issues!