Studies & Reports

There is a wealth of research related to various aspects of living streets. For those seeking in-depth information, here is a sampling of recent studies and reports to get you started:How Can Los Angeles Be More Livable? Assessing the Institutional Capacity for Complete Streets in L.A.Working with Green LA Coalition as the client for her UCLA Urban Planning Capstone Project, Huma Husain identified the various opportunities and barriers that exist for Complete Streets in Los Angeles after conducting a literature review to understand the history of street design and regulation.Estimating the employment impacts of pedestrian, bicycle, and road infrastructure

A study by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst finds that pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure projects create 11-14 jobs per $1 million of spending while road infrastructure projects create approximately 7 jobs per $1 million of expenditures.

Public Support for Street-Scale Urban Design Practices and Policies to Increase Physical Activity

Findings suggest that street-scale urban design policies may be an especially viable strategy for encouraging physical activity among minority communities, who are more likely to have lower levels of physical activity than non-Hispanic whites, but were more likely to rate neighborhood features as having high importance.

The Hidden Health Costs of Transportation

This publication from the American Public Health Association (APHA) addresses how our nation’s current transportation system contributes to today’s soaring health costs and impedes progress toward improving public health.

The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure InvestmentsThis publication highlights the impact the bicycle industry and bicycle tourism can have on state and local economies, describes the need for bicycle facilities, discusses the cost effectiveness of investments, points out the benefits of bike facilities for business districts and neighborhoods, and identifies the cost savings associated with a mode shift from car to bicycle.