Miscellaneous Resources

There is a growing body of Living Streets and Complete Streets information, materials and presentations as these concepts become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world.  Below are some links to get you started.

National Complete Streets Coalition

The Coalition’s online Resources page contains an assortment of information including reports, articles, presentations, fact sheets and design guidance on Complete Streets.


Streetfilms generates a wealth of inspiring videos for anybody who wants to improve the public realm.  The videos are brief, to-the-point, and fun to watch.  Go ahead and browse them for topics that interest you!

Click on Image to go to Streetfilms.org


Categories most relevant to Living Streets include:

Other Links

  • Living Streets in the UK and Scotland
  • This Worldchanging Link Round-Up provides an array of good information, including the below image linking to the National Complete Streets Coalition.
(via Complete Streets Brochure: Common Features and Benefits)