Give Us Your Ideas For the York Living Streets Project

Living Streets LA is excited to be partnering with Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar on the York Living Streets project. Our team will be working with the community to create an action plan and to build small-scale living streets projects–such as streetside mini-plazas, bike features, pedestrian landscaping, neighborhood art and more. The focus will be York Boulevard from Avenue 50 through Avenue 56, though some projects and ideas may reach nearby areas as well.

While finalizing all the preparations for the project, we’ve worked with the council office to introduce the project through two community meetings, an initial street analysis walk and a design discussion.  For an article about one of the workshops, read this article at 90042 blog.

We had planned to do two more community workshops in November; however, due to administrative delays, we must move these meetings to the new year.  We now plan to do our first full-fledged design workshop in early January.  Our apologies for the delay.  We too are eager to get started. In the meantime, we’d like to hear your ideas! If you have thoughts on what you’d like to see for the future of York Boulevard, please comment below. Give us ideas big and small!


6 thoughts on “Give Us Your Ideas For the York Living Streets Project

  1. I am a little disappointed that the meeting times have been moved back, but such as it is we will take what we can get.

    I have been thinking about a lot of the proposed improvements by concerned residents and business people alike and most of the suggested improvements are things the city should be taking care of with available funds anyhow: increased and repaired street lighting, sidewalk cleaning and improvement, crosswalk visibility, tree service, trash can improvement and maintenance. It seems to me that if the city were coming to provide the service it promises to do then we would have far fewer “ideas” to come at this project with and we could focus on actual items that this monetary boost could provide.

    My only point is that most of us spent a lot of time talking about improvements that are already part of city budget and responsibility. The proposed funding should go to something well beyond basic city infrastructure needs.

    See you in January.

  2. I live in Highland Park a few blocks from York and a big issue is the trash on the street. Any improvement plan should include nice and larger trash containers. Adding more trees to create a more of a village feeling would make York Blvd better for residents. I would also improve the public parking lot behind York Blvd betwee Avenue 50 and Avenue 51.

    Further, the City should support the small business with small loans to make improvements to the buildings. Many of the buildings along York were built in the early 1920’s and have not been rehabilitated.

    1. I think York needs more benches, especially at bus stops. Bus stops could also use some shade as well. That afternoon can be brutal when waiting for the 84.

      Another thing, that would be totally ambitious but really amazing: Rerouting (or adding another) DASH to make sure it goes through the Ave 50-56 corridor, maybe even around to Eagle Rock Blvd as well.

  3. I am excited for a project to come around like this but there needs to be some REALLY GOOD DESIGN involved.
    Having done some research on this type of project I say NO to “padded astroturf” (Highland Park Mount Washington Patch March 1 2011) which proved ugly on another project and NO to street painting which may only add chaos to the already overpainted and blighted corridor.
    I say YES instead to ground surfaces such as re-claimed material planking, DG-maybe, etc.
    For layout and configuration I would look at Noe Valley and 22nd St Parklets in San Francisco and how they created a tree-filled oasis parallel to the sidewalk without closing down streets.
    For local aesthetic value I would look at the beautifully simple store front conversions done by the owners of Cafe de Leche and their Ave 50 neighbors to the South.
    The best thing a project like this can do besides providing safety, litter solutions and pedestrian/shopper/diner comfort is to ground the area in really good design – something that will stand the test of time. As a 13 year stakeholder in Northeast LA I would say that NELA really needs it.

  4. As a long-time Highland Park resident, it seems like I’ve been hopefully and anxiously holding my breath for 30 years for this kind of improvement and focus from the city and local residents.

    In addition to improving the design of this stretch of York, which is really very exciting, I think what can really help the overall feeling in the immediate neighborhood is an aggressive strategy to combat grafitti — keeping exposed walls, fences, sidewalks and even homes free of grafitti. It sends a message to those gangs doing the tagging that is no longer acceptable and will be dealt with. I realize the problem is much larger, but this is a start, isn’t it?

    I live within walking distance to the opening of this corridor (a few blocks south of York off Baltimore and Ave. 50), and lately tagging has been crept its way unchecked deep into the neighborhood, which is distressing to say the least.

    Are there any plans (city enforced or residentially driven) to address this? I’d be happy to get out there with a a group like-minded residents and take it on…just give us some paint and brushes!

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