Seeing LA in a New Way at CicLAvia

On Sunday tens of thousands of Angelenos discovered what life in LA is like without cars. People rode through neighborhoods they never knew, saw architecture they never noticed, connected with all kinds of other people and had lots of fun doing it. Spirits were high as people talked to strangers, listened to music, negotiated for position and pedaled leisurely through some of Los Angeles’ most distinct neighborhoods. Many commented on how fast it was to cycle the 7 and 1/2 mile route without traffic. They realized how close things are when streets aren’t choked with cars.

My impression is that the event came off significantly better than imagined. Prior to the event, some people expressed concern that the publicity might not reach enough people. Well, it did. While some merchants took advantage by selling their wares on the street, others played music to impromptu live audiences, I expect the next time around that more people will realize the opportunity that all these people bring along the route.

Photos by Ryan Snyder


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